KBC 15 Episode 74 Questions and Answers – 23 November 2023

Here you can read all the KBC questions asked in episode 74 of Kaun Banega crorepati season 15. We have listed below the KBC 15 episode 74 questions along with answers in Hindi for KBC preparation

KBC Questions and Answers Episode 74: Here, we have published all the important questions asked in KBC 15 Episode 74, along with their answers. All these KBC quiz questions were previously asked by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan on television KBC Show. These KBC questions will be helpful for your KBC preparation, general knowledge, and various exams and interviews.

KBC 15 Episode 74 Questions and Answers in English – 23 Nov 2023

Which of these is celebrated first in an English calendar year?
A. Holi
B. Diwali
C. Dussehra
The answer is A. Holi

The young one of which animal is a called a fawn?
A. Cow
B. Cat
C. Deer
D. Elephant
The answer is C. Deer

The name of which region would complete the name of Jim Corbett’s book, Man-Eaters of ?
A. Kumaon
B. Haridwar
C. Sikkim
D. Deccan
The answer is A. Kumaon

What sport is common to Karnam Malleswari and Mirabai Chanu?
A. Chess
B. Wrestling
C. Boxing
D. Weightlifting
The answer is D. Weightlifting

Loki, the god of mischief in Scandinavian mythology, is the companion of which of these gods?
A. Artemis
B. Thor
C. Zeus
D. Anubis
The answer is B. Thor

What term, for the region of the sun’s atmosphere seen during a total eclipse, has become familiar to us over the past few years?
A. Helio
B. Flash
C. Corona
D. Delta
The answer is C. Corona

Kesari, a newspaper started by Lokmanya Tilak, was published in which language?
A. English
B. Kannada
C. Sanskrit
D. Marathi
The answer is D. Marathi

When one becomes 18 years old, by which process would you choose a representative to the Lok Sabha?
A. Transportation
B. Naturalization
C. Immigration
D. Election
The answer is D. Election

The presence of which of these is most conducive to wet clothes drying?
A. Rain
B. Humid weather
C. Sunshine
D. Sunshine
The answer is C. Sunshine

Arrange these vowels in the order of their appearance in the English alphabet
A. O
B. I
C. E
D. U
The answer is CBAD

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